About Us


To support and promote resilience, health, wellness and success for our law enforcement family.

Who are we?

Creating a culture in law enforcement where we can have conversations and can access help without judgement. To know and feel that we are not alone and that together we are stronger. To provide access to subject matter experts who can provide information that will contribute positively to the care and wellness of police officers and their families.

We are Vancouver Police Department sworn members and civilian professionals of various ranks, positions, years of service and assignments who have come together to support our law enforcement family by showcasing speakers with lived experience who share their journey back to health and wellness.


A well-known aspect of policing is the increased risk to officers and the psychological impacts of front- line work, including emotional trauma, cumulative stress, anxiety, PTSD, isolation, depression and a wide array of obstacles and barriers to mental well-being. Beyond sharing exceptionally captivating and heroic personal accounts, Beyond 2020 aims to spark positive conversation about these very topics, many of which were previously ignored or stigmatized. Bringing these experiences to light, and candidly addressing the varied emotions and challenges, inherently opens space for continued recovery, healing, and acceptance.

Not only is the series aimed at helping officers, but anyone facing personal struggles, emotional distress, or the effects of compounded daily stressors related to front-line work and life’s endless array of complexities.



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